Investment research is more than information. It is a search for truth, insight and understanding.

We conduct our own research and we share it with our clients in our quarterly Investment Comment. In these reports we assess critical trends and issues in the economy and the financial markets. Most important, the Investment Comment includes reviews and analysis of our major holdings – providing our clients with a deeper understanding of the companies in which they are invested.

The Investment Comment is available at no cost and posted on this site after distribution to our clients. Our four most recent reports are always available.






We manage all clients’ portfolios in the context of their unique objectives and their personal tolerance for risk. Therefore, the results we achieve for each client are more meaningful than the composite results of all clients. As a firm, we pursue three long term performance goals:

  • Achieve double-digit annualized total returns over every ten year period.

  • Achieve annualized returns superior to the S&P 500 Index over every ten year period.

  • Achieve these returns while assuming less risk and incurring less volatility.

Prospective clients are invited to request a comparison of our Composite Results and the S&P 500 Index by writing to Michael Stuart at mstuart20@cs.com.